Mobile Strategy

Having several years of experience and dozens of apps in the app stores for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone, we know what you need to do to be successful. We can help you decide on Web vs native, which platform to focus on first, how to price and sell your app, and help you answer just about any mobile questions you have.

App Design

UI and UX design are very important aspects to mobile development. We’ll make sure that your apps catch the users’ eyes and make an amazing first impression. They also ensure that users have a great experience using the app – so that they use it again and again.


Apple has the most active app store out there so we usually focus on building iOS apps first. With a strategy and design in place, we can get down and dirty with programming in Objective-C , showing you our work as it progresses into a professional, polished app.


If we’ve already completed the iOS app, we use this as our guide to create an Android app that is consistent with the iOS app and, at the same time, functions as you would expect an Android app to function.

Windows Phone

This is a relatively new OS for us and we look forward to developing more and more quality Windows Phone apps. But there’s no fear because we have some very talented Silverlight developers ready to go.

App Launch & Maintenance

We don’t just walk away after developing your app. We make sure it gets deployed to the app stores. Then we’re there for updates to add features and make any necessary changes to the apps.